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   What's the first thing that comes to mind before any upgrade or repair? Your data safety. With MacFix, this becomes the last thing on your mind. We have the latest and greatest data backup systems to ensure that you don't miss a single bit of data during upgrades and repairs.


   No repair or upgrade is out of bounds. Whatever hell your machine has been through, we'll take care of it. Liquid damages, short circuits, a bad fall, a hardware failure - you name it.


   We use nothing but the highest quality of parts, in line with Apple's products, and extreme care is taken with each and every repair or upgrade. We treat machines in our care like a baby. More importantly, all parts are guaranteed and under full company warranty. All this at a saving of up to 70% compared to Apple's pricing.


   All you need to do is relax, take a seat, and leave the rest to the best.

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