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Current Opening


Designation : Technical manager is looking for motivated, growth and process oriented managers with a will to learn new things at our company.


Key Responsibilities


·       Installing software & hardware

·       Maintaining and repairing equipment

·       Handling customer cases from start to end

·       Troubleshooting different computer issues

·       Managing the store responsibly throughout working hours

·       Determining and installing appropriate security measures

·       Configuring computer networks

·       Providing technical support via phone or email


Desired Skills


·       Problem-solving and decision-making skills

·       Process oriented

·       Motivated, attentive and curious, with a passion to learn 

·       Impeccable time management skills

·       Leadership qualities

·       Must be fluent in English. Knowledge of Kannada, Hindi or any other language will be an                       advantage.




Candidates with 1-2 years of experience in the same field are eligible.

Candidates with no experience but with a flair & urge to learn are most preferred. All training will be done by us.


To apply send your CV to

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