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Start-up plan

Bought your first Mac, iPhone or iPad? We're here to bring you up to speed with your latest gadget, and show you all that you want to know about it. We'll also guide you through a list of apps, programs and software that you might need to help integrate your new gadget into your daily work and entertainment.

Looking to buy a new gadget, but don't know where to start?

Everyone has different needs based on your work and entertainment environment. At MacFix, we're here to guide you through every step, from selecting the kind of phone, tablet or computer you might need, right to the part of making your purchase and of course everything thereafter.

Learning curve and data transfer

Fear of the unknown after buying your new gadget? It's time to set aside all your worries. We'll make the learning curve while you adapt to your great new machine as easy and quick as possible. We'll migrate all your data too from your old machine to your new one. Equipped with the latest data backup systems, we'll have your new device ready in no time at all, with safety of your data on high priority at all times.

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