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   The Mac is such a powerful machine, there's a solid chance that what you're doing with it right now is barely scratching the surface. Not only that, it's capable of a lot more than the awesomeness that comes out of the box. Interesting? Read on...


   There's so much you can do to make the Mac a really mean machine. Dual hard drives, solid-state drives, memory and a whole lot more. And it's unbelievable what just a few upgrades can lead to. Want the might of a MacBook Pro with the energy of a MacBook Air? Oh yes, you read that right!


   At MacFix, we create magic on your Mac. Have one of Apple's many wonders? We'll do the rest. Whether you have an iMac, MacBook Pro or Air, Mac Mini or a plain white MacBook, call us, and watch your Mac transform into something absolutely stunning.

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